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The Grains That Keep on Giving

BiaSol Super Milled Grains is an all-natural flavour and nutrition enhancer. Locally-made here in Ireland, you can add a tablespoon to almost any of your favourite recipes. It’s healthy for you and zero-waste for our planet.


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10% of your daily fibre in every tablespoon

BiaSol Super Milled Grains is a fast and simple way to add a health boost to your favourite meals. From soups and sauces to a morning smoothie; you can get 10% of your daily fibre in a single tablespoon. Once mixed through, it becomes our little secret. You’ll just notice a nourishing, nutty flavour and a wholesome brown colour.



Every bag of milled grain is packed full of fibre and high in protein. Rest assured there is zero alcohol in our product.



Does it taste good? You bet. It has a delectable malty, nutty flavour and adds an earthy, wholesome colour to your food and baked goods.



With every purchase, you’re supporting Irish businesses – both us here at BiaSol and the local brewers where we source our grains.



We dream of a zero-waste world. Creating our milled grains from food by-products is one small step in what we hope is a long journey at BiaSol.

40% Fibre


20% Protein


Health Benefits

We all know BiaSol's Grains are full of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. But do you know why this actually matters and how they can affect our health?

Our Food Scientist, Niamh, has been busy researching all the associated health benefits of our grains. She's putting together a number of easily digestable (pun intended) blogs for our fans to enjoy. Click below for some interesting, educational content!

Prebiotic Fibres


B Vitamins

Low Gluten


How Is it made?

The key ingredient in every bag is brewer’s spent grain. We collect this by-product from local breweries and repurpose it into our Milled Grains. Our focus is on minimising food waste while maximising nutrition.

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Healthy – Sustainable – Locally-Made

BiaSol Super Milled Grains is our signature high nutrition, zero-waste product. It has 10% of your daily fibre needs in every tablespoon. Upcycled from brewers’ spent grains, it adds a delectably nutty and malty flavour to your favourite meals.

We recommend adding it in smoothies, soups, sauces and baked goods. Check out recipe ideas below!

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Brew yourself a hot cuppa and sit back with a BiaSol tasty treat. Our test kitchens are always working on fresh recipe ideas to share with you.

Have a great recipe idea? We’d love to hear from you! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your BiaSol baking and cooking adventures.


"BiaSol Milled Grains is the ultimate zero waste approach to reintroducing nutritional food back into the food chain. The milled grains malty notes are fantastic in any baked products. Adding to any cookies, pancakes and desserts will make them a little healthier, with great flavour.

As a chef, I have found the Milled Grains to be very versatile and I used them to make a delicious malt ice-creams, as well as using the grains in savoury dishes, mueslis, granolas and sprinkles for salads."

Maurice McGeehan, IRFU Head Chef


"I bought Super Milled Grains and it's been a great addition to smoothies, yoghurts and baking. It's an excellent product from a nutritional perspective, especially as its high in fibre which is great for our gut. It's an added bonus that the packaging is 100% compostable and BiaSol are committed to a zero waste world. I'd highly recommend this product to everyone"

Eimear Gibbons, Dietician


"I really enjoyed working with BiaSol Milled Grains, it has a great wholemeal quality with a nourishing nutty flavour. It can be added in for that extra protein, fibre and flavour along with your other flour. I baked Banana, Almond, Hemp Mini Loaves using spent grains, it gave the loaves a fabulous flavour, very easy to work with while adding nutrients. I'm looking forward to my next bake..."

Ann Sheehy, Bastion Kitchen


Our Story

BiaSol is a family-run company in the heart of Ireland creating a range of innovative food solutions. We strive to make highly nutritious, zero-waste food products easily accessible in Ireland. Find out where it all began and learn more about our mission for a better world.

Are you a sustainable baker/chef?

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