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A Delectably Malty Hero Ingredient

Food wastage and poor nutrition are huge problems in our society. Luckily, BiaSol have developed an innovative, tasty solution. Our range of upcycled grains are all made from a by-product; brewers’ spent grains. 

The true hero of our product is the delicious flavour. Depending on the grain, it ranges from nourishing and nutty to lightly malted, and even hints of chocolate. Get to know each of our products below.

All are available for purchase in a 5kg wholesale bag.


How to use BiaSol Grains

BiaSol Grains can be added to a wide range of recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Features of the Grains

  • Low Gluten

  • High Fibre

  • High Protein

  • High Hydration


We recommend using BiaSol Grains as follows

  • 10-15% of your total flour for breads

  • 15-30% of your total flour for baked goods

  • Some recipes may require increased wet ingredients

  • Some recipes may require longer cooking time

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Our Products

Light Milled Grains

Use it in:


Our Light Milled Grains use the spent grain from pale ales and lagers to create a more delicate BiaSol ingredient. It works really well in soft and fluffy recipes such as pastries, cakes, brioche buns or focaccia. The flavour is delectably malty with a gentle touch of citrus.

  • Breads (sourdough, flatbread, brioche buns, pizza bases)

  • Baked goods (croissants, pastries, cakes)

  • Sauces, Soups & Stews

  • Desserts (ice cream, pies, crumble)

Dark Milled Grains

Use it in:

  • Breads (soda bread, sourdough, flatbread, pizza bases)

  • Baked goods (brownies, cookies, pastries)

  • Batters (tempura, chicken, fish) 

  • Desserts (ice cream, pie, crumble)


Our Dark Milled Grains are made from stouts and similar darker beers. Bakers love the wholesome depth it adds to traditional Irish soda bread, brownies and sourdoughs. While chefs will be thrilled with its thickening power for soups, stews and malty batters for frying. It's dark colouring gives the appearance of more sugar or chocolate when used in cookies and brownies.

BiaSol Wholegrains


You asked, we delivered. Due to popular demand – we bring you BiaSol Wholegrains. This non-milled product is a texture-adding champion. It works great in specialty breads like pumpernickel and sourdough, and guarantees a crispy, crunchy batter for frying (think cauliflower popcorn, fried chicken wings and tempura prawns). BiaSol Wholegrains are available in both light and dark malts.

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