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The BiaSol Family

BiaSol is a family-run company in the heart of Ireland creating a range of innovative food solutions. We strive to make highly nutritious, zero-waste food products easily accessible in Ireland.

Niamh - Our Foodie

Niamh manages the daily business operations. With extensive experience in hospitality, cooking, nutritional education and food science – this company is the culmination of a lifelong love for food.


Ruairi – Our Business Nerd

Ruairi manages the finance and admin sides of the business. A strong background in IT and Finance has prepared him well for the rigours of start-up life.

Where it all began

BiaSol was started in 2020 as a way to combat food wastage, improve nutrition and bring our family closer together. Living on opposite sides of the world – Ruairi in Australia and Niamh in Ireland – we wanted a way to stay connected and to work on a cause close to our hearts. Our first light bulb moment was the realisation that repurposing food waste was a viable way to be more sustainable AND create healthy food products. The rapid growth of craft brewing across Ireland led us to our first ingredient: brewers’ spent grains.

A lot has changed since we began our journey. For one, we’re both back home in Ireland. We’ve also refined our product range and invested in bigger premises and more resources to grow the business. There is one thing that will never change – our commitment to simple, nutritious products that are good for you and good for our planet.

For now, we’re focused on getting our range of products nationwide and to a store near you. In future, we plan to release many more healthy food products that focus on minimising waste while also providing nutritional value. With the support of local businesses and people like you who buy our product; we can keep the dream alive.


Our Goals


We’re fighting back against processed foods and low nutrition. Every BiaSol product is designed to help you make better food choices in the simplest way possible.


If it doesn’t taste great, you won’t want to use it. We understand, which is why we’ve made great flavour a key focus of every product in our range.


BiaSol is committed to building a zero-waste world. We’re finding innovative solutions to food waste that also support local businesses.

Support Our Mission

The best way to support our mission is to buy our delicious BiaSol Grains. By supporting our business, you’re making a better choice for your health and our planet.

If you own a food business and would like to partner with BiaSol, we’d love to hear from you! Simply email us at

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