The BiaSol Family

BiaSol is a family-run company in the heart of Ireland creating a range of innovative food solutions. Living far apart, Ruairi in Sydney and Niamh in Athlone, they wanted a project that would connect them to each other and to a cause they care about – fighting global food waste. Their family-owned company is striving to make highly nutritious, zero-waste food products easily accessible in Ireland.


Niamh (our foodie) manages the daily business operations. With extensive experience in hospitality, cooking, nutritional education and food science – this company is the culmination of a lifelong love for food. When she’s not busy testing recipes, she enjoys practicing yoga and photography.


Ruairi (our business nerd) manages the finance and admin sides of the business. A strong background in IT and Finance has prepared him well for the rigours of start-up life. He’s currently living it up ‘Down Under’ and enjoys keeping fit, watching football and learning to surf in his spare time.


The Full Story

The BiaSol journey began in 2020 with the realisation of our world’s food shortage problem. The growing population is putting huge stress on our food resources and we wanted to find a way to help. Research led us to some amazing initiatives around the world that are innovating and improving current food production methods. It was here we discovered the value in repurposing food waste into nutritious products. This was our light bulb moment! Craft brewing has exploded across Ireland in the last decade and our goal is to help these businesses achieve zero waste.

We’re embracing a circular economy; where no resource or by-product is treated as waste. Our goal is simple: create taste, reduce waste – with a food solution that is healthy for your body and for our planet.

Highly Nutritious Food Products

In the last few decades, food producers have pushed for higher profits which came at the expense of people’s diets. Obesity, IBS and poor gut health are all issues that stem from poor nutrition. We aim to help improve people’s nutrition with innovative food solutions. Our Milled Grains is higher in protein than traditional wheat flours on the market, and it’s full of fibre too. We plan to educate our community on the powers of nutrition and the food choices they make. 

Towards a Zero-Waste Future

We all know how wonderful our planet is and we’re lucky to be part of it. And yet, we’ve failed to care for its wildlife and climate. But there is still time to change our ways. By removing waste and reducing the negative impacts of food production we can share our world with the next generation. At BiaSol, we want to be leaders in the solution, not contributors to the problem.

Super Milled Grains is one of the first local Irish products to repurpose spent grain into flour and contribute to a zero-waste future.

The Goal

BiaSol Milled Grains is our first unique product range which aligns with our flavourful, nutritious and sustainability goals. We plan to release a number of healthy products that combat food wastage and improve nutrition.  Key to this journey is the support of local businesses as we work together toward a circular economy and healthier future.

Join BiaSol on our journey toward a more responsible future. Get in touch with our team to build a partnership or with any feedback.

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