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Crafty Cookie Mix

BiaSol Crafty Cookie Mix

Fancy a crafty treat to accompany your brew? Whether you're a Barry’s or Lyon's enthusiast, our cookies are the perfect mate for your tea. (No favouritism here!)

At the heart of BiaSol's Crafty Cookie Mix lies our repurposed grains, sourced from genuine Irish brewing. These grains don’t just bring a sustainability badge to the table, but also amp up the fibre and introduce a delightful malt undertone.

Why BiaSol Cookies are a Cuppa's Best Friend:

  • Malted Goodness: Relish each bite with a moreish malty flavour.
  • Fibre Boost: Because who said cookies can't be healthy? Dive into treats that care for your gut.
  • Green Eating: Our focus on sustainable eating makes every cookie a responsible pleasure.
  • Purely Irish: Every spoon, every grain, is an ode to our Irish heritage and quality ingredients.


Craving a vegan twist? Click here for a vegan alternative recipe.


Beyond the joy of every bite, there's our unwavering commitment to the environment. By giving a second life to grains from craft beers, we’re helping pave the way for a circular economy and a brighter, waste-free future.


Get your apron on, whip up a batch, and settle down for a biscuit and brew the BiaSol way! 🍪☕🍀

Crafty Cookie Mix

  • Ingredients: 

    WHEAT Flour, Brewers Spent Grains, Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate


    Barley, Oats, Wheat, Rye

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