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Grains Collection

BiaSol Grains Collection

Elevate every meal with the BiaSol Grains Collection, a trio of nutritious grain blends designed to complement your culinary journey throughout the day. Harnessing the byproduct of craft brewing, we have developed:

  • Whole Fibre Grains: A baker's dream and a cook's delight. Easily integrate more fibre into your dishes, enriching every bite without compromising on taste.

  • Morning Glory Grains: Sprinkle over cereals, oats, or yoghurts for that much-needed morning protein punch. It's not just breakfast, it's an experience.

  • Super Milled Grains: Whether you're whipping up a sunrise breakfast or a midday salad, these grains ensure your fibre intake is top-notch.

Why Choose BiaSol?

  • Eco-Conscious Consumption: Crafted from 100% leftover grains used in the brewing of Irish craft beer, BiaSol is your delicious solution to food sustainability.

  • Nutrition-Forward: A tasty and convenient method to boost nutrition using only whole foods.

  • Planet-Friendly Packaging: We believe in leaving no footprint, so our packaging is entirely compostable and plastic-free.

  • Vegan Love: Every grain, every blend, is 100% vegan-friendly.

Join the movement towards better health and a better planet with the BiaSol Grains Collection. For the conscious consumer who desires flavour, nutrition, and sustainability, all in one.

Grains Collection


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