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High Protein Pancake Mix

BiaSol’s High Protein Pancake Mix

Rev up your mornings with BiaSol’s Protein Pancake Mix! Making wheat-free pancakes has never been this delightful or nutritious. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to a breakfast that's both healthy and delicious.

Our not-so-little secret? Our upcycled grains from Irish breweries. They don't just enhance the flavour with a delicious malt note but also pump up the fibre and protein content. With 25g of protein, these aren’t your ordinary pancakes - they're high-protein pancakes that are set to kickstart your day.

What Makes Our Pancakes Extra Special:

  • Delicious Taste: A sweet, vanilla flavour beautifully complemented by a hint of cinnamon.
  • Packed with Protein: Boasting a solid 25g of protein, they’re designed for energetic starts.
  • Fibre-Full: Contains essential fibres, these healthy pancakes satiate both taste and health cravings.
  • Sustainably Thoughtful: Committed to sustainable eating, every spoonful of ingredients is conscientiously selected.
  • Genuinely Irish: Made with heart, using traditional Irish ingredients.

Our commitment doesn’t end at the breakfast table. By repurposing leftover grain from artisanal craft beers, we’re not only offering high-protein pancakes but also weaving sustainability into every bite.

Healthy, wheat-free, and planet-friendly - BiaSol’s Protein Pancake Mix isn't just food; it's a statement. Mix, cook, relish, and repeat! 🥞🌍🌱

High Protein Pancake Mix

  • Ingredients: 

    Oats, Vanilla WHEY Protein, Brewers Spent Grains, Cinnamon, Sodium Bicarbonate


    Milk, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Rye

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