We've been busy creating some delicious recipes for you to try. Our Brew Flour is full of fibre and protein and this means that it performs slightly different to traditional wheat flours. 

Here are some general baking guidelines from what we've found so far:

1) For recipes like brownies/cupcakes/cookies Brew Flour tastes great by blending 50/50 with plain flour.
2) Due to its high level of fibre and low levels of sugars it is recommended to double the level of rising ingredients if needed in your recipe.
3) For bread making, adding up to 25% of Brew Flour as a total of the flour content seems to work best.

4) Using Brew Flour results in higher hydration of bread therefore you may need to increase wet ingredients slightly and increase baking time slightly.


Happy Baking! Please feel free to add feedback either on the recipe page, social media or email us at

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