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Oat Bites Lemon Bake (Multipack) x 3

Discover the Delight of BiaSol Oat Bites!

Indulge in the wholesome goodness of our BiaSol Oat Bite Multipack, featuring five delicious lemon bake flavoured bites. Each bite is a perfect 30g of pure, plant-based delight, crafted from seven nourishing ingredients. High in fibre and vegan-friendly, our bites are made in a nut-free facility, ensuring they are safe for everyone in the family.


A Taste of Sustainability:

What sets BiaSol Oat Bites apart is our commitment to sustainability. We rescue malt barley from local breweries, giving it a new life in our delectable bites. By choosing BiaSol, you’re not only treating your taste buds but also supporting a sustainable food system.


Perfect for Families:

Designed with health-conscious individuals and families in mind, BiaSol Oat Bites are the ideal snack for kids’ lunchboxes and a healthier option for everyone on the go. With no emulsifiers, artificial flavours, or sweeteners, you can trust that every bite is made with clean, wholesome ingredients. Say goodbye to ultra-processed foods and hello to a snack that’s as tasty as it is nutritious.


Key Benefits:

  • High in Fibre: Keeps you and your family feeling full and satisfied.
  • Vegan: Suitable for all dietary preferences.
  • Nut-Free: Safe for everyone to enjoy.
  • Sustainable: Made from upcycled malt barley.
  • Clean Ingredients: No nasty additives, artificial flavours, or sweeteners.


Join the BiaSol family and make snack time a delicious, healthy, and sustainable choice. Taste the difference of real ingredients with our lemon bake flavoured Oat Bites, perfect for every family’s pantry.


BiaSol Oat Bite Multipack - Lemon Bake Flavour: A wholesome snack that’s good for you and good for the planet.

Oat Bites Lemon Bake (Multipack) x 3


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