Granny's Soda Bread Mix

Our Granny made amazing soda bread and thankfully she left us her recipe! Here’s to you Granny!


Our secret ingredient is Super Milled Grains, a boost of fibre and an enhanced flavour, what more do you want. BiaSol’s Soda Bread Mix is easy to make. Just add wet ingredients, mix and bake!


- Delicious Subtle Malt Flavour

- High in Fibre 

- Promotes Sustainable Eating

- Made with Irish Ingredients 


To see a vegan alternative recipe click here.


By repurposing leftover grain from tasty craft beers, we are contributing to a circular economy and a zero-waste future.

Granny's Soda Bread Mix

  • Ingredients: WHEAT Flour, Brewers Spent Grains, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate

    Allergens: Barley, Oats, Wheat, Rye