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Since starting BiaSol in 2020, we have learnt so much about Brewers Spent Grains. We've listened to your feedback, comments and reactions - all of which we greatly appreciate!


This has helped shape BiaSol and the new direction in which we want to grow in. That's why we're proud to announce that we'll launch a new improved product for all, very soon! 

We're Still open for Business!

We're still open for business but just focusing on our friends in the food service space for now. So, if you're a business, just signup with the button below and we'll be in touch!

Highly nutritious

Each bag of milled grain is packed full of fibre and high in protein. The only thing you won’t find in here is alcohol – it’s removed in the creation process.

The Taste

Our innovative product has a delectably malty and nutty flavour. It also adds an earthy, wholesome colour to your lovely baked goods. 

Zero-Waste Driven

Everything is made to benefit our community and our environment. By repurposing spent grain as a food source, we’re striving to contribute to a zero-waste world.

Family Owned

Our family-owned company is striving to make highly nutritious, zero-waste food products easily accessible  while supporting local businesses in Ireland.


Our Story

BiaSol is a family-owned food start-up driven by the need for zero-waste, higher nutrient foods. Our planet is special and it’s time we consider how everyday actions can make a difference. Our goal is simple: create taste, reduce waste. Meet our team and read the full story via the link below.


Brew yourself a hot cuppa and sit back with a BiaSol tasty treat. We’ve been busy creating delicious recipes and look forward to sharing more of these with you soon!

The high nutrient profile of our product means it is not a direct substitute for traditional wheat flour however, we’re working hard on delicious 100% BiaSol recipes too.

Click below to see the best way to use our milled grains.

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