Create Taste,
Reduce Waste.

Finally, there’s a flour for bakers who care. BiaSol Brew Flour is a local Irish product designed to eliminate waste and repurpose food in a nutritious, environmentally-friendly way.

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Our Key ingredient

Brewers’ spent grain is the key ingredient in every bag of BiaSol Brew Flour. By repurposing spent grain from local breweries into a ready-to-bake flour, we’re minimising waste and maximising nutritional potential.
Who knew you could unlock so much flavour and nutrition from a by-product?


Step 1: Collect spent grain from local breweries

Step 2: repurpose into our Brew Flour

Step 3: Package and prepare for you, our valued customers


Step 4: Bake!

Sound good? Try some Brew Flour Today

Which Kind of Baker Are You?

With Brew Flour, it doesn't matter if you have 3 Michelin Stars or you just bake for fun.

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Why Choose Biasol Brew Flour?

Bia equals food while Sol is short for solution. BiaSol is our family-made, innovative food solution. For every pint of your favourite craft beer, there’s a mountain of spent grain going to waste. Brewers’ spent grain is mostly barley but also some wheat, rice and corn. Repurposing this valuable ingredient means a better flour for you and less waste from a pint at the pub.


The Taste

Our innovative Brew Flour has a delectably malty and nutty flavour. It also adds an earthy, wholesome colour to your baked goods. 

Zero-Waste Driven

BiaSol products are designed to benefit our community and our environment. By repurposing spent grain as a food source, we’re striving to contribute to a zero-waste world.


Highly nutritious

Each bag of Brew Flour is packed full of fibre and high in protein. The only thing you won’t find in here is alcohol – it’s removed in the creation process.


Our Story

BiaSol is a family-owned food start-up driven by the need for zero-waste, higher nutrient foods. Our planet is special and it’s time we consider how everyday actions can make a difference. Our goal is simple: create taste, reduce waste. Meet our team and read the full story via the link below.


Brew yourself a hot cuppa and sit back with a BiaSol tasty treat. We’ve been busy creating delicious recipes and look forward to sharing these with you soon!

The high nutrient profile of BiaSol Brew Flour means it is not a direct substitute for traditional wheat flour however, we’re working hard on delicious 100% BiaSol recipes too. Most of our recipes will use a mixture of BiaSol Brew Flour and traditional flour.